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I don't need a therapist... I have an online journal. :P

Hey, you're not the center of the universe... I am. :P

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21 January
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aquarius ♥ honest ♥ loyal ♥ faithful ♥ trustworthy ♥ curious ♥ knowledgeable ♥ democratish ♥ optimistic ♥ easy going ♥ esoteric ♥ spiritual ♥ spunky ♥ venturous ♥ playful ♥ opinionated ♥ adaptable ♥ persevering ♥ creative ♥ inventive ♥ conscientious ♥ silly ♥ unbiased ♥ a little introverted but moreso extroverted ♥ ambitious but happy-go-lucky ♥ tough but delicate ♥ a little vagabondish ♥ witty when I wanna be ♥ pretty damn random and easily amused ♥ at times a little shy with new people but overall very confident and outspoken

travel ♥ cooking ♥ movies ♥ photography ♥ hiking ♥ fishing ♥ camping ♥ bonfires ♥ adventures

Do keep in mind as you consider adding me as a friend that my journal can be completely random. Completely personal. I post about my life, things I do, people I love, people I don't love, recipes that I create, rarely a photo and voice post but that may change, a lyric to a song I am digging, random things I find online here and there, sometimes a quiz or survey, and so on. I moan, groan, and complain... and I laugh, joke, and praise. Add me at your own risk. I never mean to offend but if I somehow do, feel free to un-friend me... no hard feelings. It's all good. I don't expect you to comment on everything I write and I only comment when I have something important to say, or the occasional LOL-laden sentence. :)

I may not post for a month. I may post 10 things in a day. Love it or leave it. :P

Oh... @ Stumbleupon, @ Pinterest, and @ Last.fm. ;)

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